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It's a big win for a small school.

Oldham-Ramona is the statewide winner in a national Samsung competition.

Because of that, the school has won $25,000 in technology.

A national win would be a victory for the school's budget.

Welcome to downtown Ramona, a town of less than 200 people.

"The school is the community hub. There's not a whole lot in Ramona," Technology Coordinator Bob Bergstrom said.

Even though it's small, the school is up for a big award. The five freshman team is competing to be a national finalist in the Samsung - Solve for Tomorrow contest. If they win, the school will get another $50,000 in technology.

"It's going to help our school out a lot," Freshman Clint Misar said.

It's not just computers that school districts have to buy, but also servers and Wi-Fi access points.

"As a small school, it becomes very expensive," Bergstrom said.

Teacher Bob Bergstrom says the school needs to spend thousands of dollars a year just on technology. That's why they're taking this competition seriously. Right now the team of five, along with the teacher, are working on a video about implementing servers.

"It's very complicated, but once you start working with it, it gets easier as you go," Misar said.

Misar says even if their hard work doesn't equal a win, it's still a victory for his education.

"Nowadays to make a living you have to know quite a bit about technology," Misar said.

Technology that now connects this small town with one big world.

Samsung will chose the ten finalists in March.

If Oldham-Ramona wins, the students will have to present their project to Samsung officials.

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